Tile & Grout Cleaning

Many people select tile and grout in their home due solely to its durability. But, to keep it looking great for decades, your grout needs regular attention and cleaning.

There are 2 main cleaning agents for grout. One is a very high pH, (a base) and the other a very low pH (an acid). The high pH agent is a safer way to clean your grout that you can do as frequently as needed. But it won’t clean heavy to severely soiled grout.

For that – you must use the low pH agent. It does a much better job, but so at a cost – it removes a thin layer of grout in the process. In turn – it isn’t something you can get away with many times before your grout gets too thin, and fails.

It is far less expensive to regularly maintain your grout than it is to replace the flooring – even just replacing the grout itself. We recommend cleaning your tile soon after you notice soils in your high traffic areas.